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Transforming Ageing - SoCaTel Hackathons: Win a 500 EUR cash prize plus a contract worth 6,000 EUR!


The SoCaTel project has engaged with a range of people who have a legitimate interest in older adults’ long term care services. Over a recent two week period, health care professionals, nurses, care assistants, older persons, researchers and policymakers have collaborated on the SoCaTel’s online platform in 4 countries, to rethink the access to and delivery of health and social care services in the home.


The ideas generated from this innovative collaboration have the potential to influence future development of older persons’ services and now need

to be brought to life !


As the next step, hackathons are being organised as a contest between multi-skilled teams, the winner of which will have conceptualised and developed the best prototype of the ideas put forward.


The challenge is to transform the ideas for service improvements into real, efficient and viable applications!


Keys figures about the SoCaTel Hackathons :


  • 5 countries (Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Finland and Hungary)
  • 5 dates
  • 13 teams in each country
  • 36 hours of work
  • 180 seconds to pitch your idea and demo
  • 30,000€ worth of prizes!


Are you are interested? Find a SoCaTel Hackathon near you and participate!


Registration is now open for free on Eventbrite! Alone or with your friends... join a team and rethink access to and delivery of health and social care services in the home! 500€ plus a contract worth 6,000€ to win!


Be sure that what you create is yours. No one else, including SoCaTel, has the right to use it outside of the competition.


Webinar dates and times:


8th and 9th November 2019

Spain -  Barcelona : Everis Living Lab

Information and registration


15th and 16th November 2019

Ireland - Dublin : Talent Garden Dublin City University (DCU)

Information and registration


22nd and 23rd November 2019

Hungary - Budapest

Information and registration


29th and 30th November 2019

Finland - Tampere


31st January 2020

Netherlands - Eindhoven


For more information, please visit the SoCaTel project website

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