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Imagine 2029: Our health, our care, our data


Two leading keynote speakers will speak at EHTEL’s 2019 Symposium on this important theme. 


Ms Jaana Sinipuro, project director of IHAN®, at Finland’s SITRA, will start the day by showing just how much potential people’s own data has. People can really obtain value from their own data by making it available to service providers in a fair data economy.


Professor George Crooks, head of the Digital Health and Care Institute, Scotland, will reflect on how to shift the balance of care into new directions. He will draw the conference to a close by offering some inspirational visions of the future


As audience members, you’ll be invited to join in the discussion and offer your own opinions. 


What does this vision of the future mean? One option will be to make much more effective use of health and care data: whether this has been collected – as in Finland – over the last century or right now, today. The outcomes will mean spending much more effort on enhancing preventive measures and ensuring that people live long, healthy, and independent lives. This shift would imply much less time, effort, and money would be expended on treatment and post-treatment care.


The trend will be to the creation of appropriate services, offered – for example – by health and care systems and authorities, in conjunction with commercial and industrial players. Artificial intelligence (AI)machine learning, and solid use of “data lakes” are all likely to help. 


For EIP on AHA members these are all good links with the partnership’s work on: 

  • What the groundbreaking cities, regions, and countries around Europe are doing. 
  • How to involve commerce and industry in practical ways. 
  • How (costeffective) data can be crunched and analysed
  • What roadmaps of the future might look like on Europe’s increasingly dataintensive continent. 


Get better informed about how thought leaders from around Europe see these new directions. Join the EHTEL community in the leading city and health and care champion, Barcelona, on 2-4 December 2019

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